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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Dimensions 0.7" 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"

Battery type 2 AAA Alkalines

OS Palm OS 3.1.H

Memory 8 MB

Speed 16 Mhz

Color Graphite, Blue, Green, Orange, Ice

Weight 5.4 oz

Availability Discontinued

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  92% Thumbs Down 8%

Thumbs Up

I love it
Im 14 years old and got this for Christmas. It's so cool. I use it as my planner and to get passes. I also have downloaded lots of games and stuff. I want to get the modem and the digital camera next christmas. I read on one of the reviews that you can't reset it with the stylus, but you can. If you twist off the tip of the stylus there is a stick that you can reset with. Just wanted to voice my opinion and say that VDX is the best.
by LNK

Thumbs Up

Visor Deluxe is the best possible PDA ever!
I use my Visor every where- the car, at school, at home- everywhere. It's the best product ever and it's only gotten better now that I have a Stowaway keyboard.
by Ezila Z.

Thumbs Up

This is "VisorCental" after all........
After reading some of the previous comments, I have to be fair and say that Handspring has come a long way in the last year and a half. I got my Visor in the middle of November 1999, one of the very first. Originally, they did have some customer service issues (which they fixed). The original stylus was a solid piece of plastic, but I see they fixed that and send a different stylus now. Finally, those of us who believed in the Springboard slot have been proven right, and no longer have to be contect with "just" the 8MB Flash and Backup module (good products in their own right). I am well into double digits of people who have purchased a Visor after having seen and used mine, including 2 who returned Palm V's and switched to Handspring.
by Soul Raven

Thumbs Up

Excellent Device
Springboards are a bit pricey however the Visor Deluxe shines on its own.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

The review is wrong about the reset button
The stylus actually has a screwdriver that unscrews on the top part of the stylus and the bottom part screws off and is a reset button pusher.
by Dave

Thumbs Up

Loved my Visor Deluxe for 6 months.
After years of fooling around with cheap electronic address books, the Visor Deluxe has been one of the recent investments I'm most happy with. The only problem I've had (with hot-synching) was fixed after a quick vist to Handspring's Customer Service site. A great combination of tool and toy.
by Randy N.

Thumbs Up

Ice, ice, baby
I like my Ice Deluxe. Now if the color version was just the same price...well someday soon they will ALL be color and wireless, right? Good price point for this. Do it!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

All but the cover
I love everything but the cover. Why couldn't Handspring make a hinged cover?
by soundman

Thumbs Up

Very good service, i dont know what you guys are talking about...
Everyone says that the service was horrilbe and the hold was long yada yada yada. I called them the wait was maybe 40 seconds if not less, and the lady was nice enough to helo me with everything i needed, w/o my order number. And the Visor Deluxe is a whole different story. MUCH better then the Palm III
by person

Thumbs Up

Love it!
I miss some features of Palm OS 3.5 in my old IIIxe, but really love the feel of the buttons (silly, I know, but I like 'em), the enhanced date book, and the overall cool look- this one's a winner in my book!
by Anonymous

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