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GrinderGear Basecamp

Sat Apr 28, 2001 - 10:55 PM EDT - By Sam Kleinman


Constructed on the outside of cordura nylon, and a soft fleece like material on the inside, the basecamp feels like it can take the punishment.†

This thing has lived on my belt for about a month and I havenít had any problem yet. I am however concerned with the swivel clip that is included. The Stud that is on the case is made from a plastic, and while I havenít had any problems with it, I am leery of it.

The Basecamp is non-PDA specific, so it can fit just about anything, within reason; my iPAQ with PC card sleeve fits nicely in this case - and if that monstrosity will fit - anything can. Iím reasonably confident that most of the springboards currently available will fit in this case, but Iíd check your arrangement against the measurements provided by GrinderGear just to be on the safe side.†

While the Basecamp can probably handle any springboard that is inserted into the Visor, there is very little extra room in the case for springboards that arenít attached to the Visor.

You might be able to fit one or two standard sized modules in the forward compartment, but it would be a squeeze. The PDA is stored in the back of the basecamp within a very padded compartment. The compartment opens at the top, where the PDA slides in and out. I it is a little hard to remove the PDA from the case at times, but maybe the case will stretch out and this will become a non-issue.

In addition to the PDA compartment there are two other compartments for accessories, there is a small zipper compartment in front of the PDA compartment that could house some keys, maybe a few bills, and possibly a credit card. There is also a mesh pouch on the front of the case I tend to clip a pen or two here, but a few small things could easily fit here. All of these compartments combine to make a case that is rather large, not unmanageable, but it is defiantly bulky. Unfortunately there is no room to put the Targus Stowaway Keyboard that often travels with me, so this one has had to remain in my pocket.

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Product Info
Ľ Name Basecamp
Ľ Company Grinder Gear
Ľ Size: 4.3" W x 6.3" H x 2" D.
Ľ Fact Sheet & User Opinions
Ľ Unknown
Ľ $39.95

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