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Thu Jan 25, 2001 - 8:05 PM EST - By Scott Hanselman


CDPD coverage is fairly widespread, although not as widespread as the PalmVII Palm.NET coverage. Everyone I talk to insists that CDPD coverage will continue to improve. The service is provided by AT&T, and isn't something that YadaYada has control over. I used wireless service during a 12-city national speaking tour I went on, and only had minor troubles in Atlanta. It is same to assume that since YadaYada gets their IP Addresses from the same pool as OmniSky that converage would be comparable. If you stick to major metro areas, you'll be fine. Here is a map of OmniSky's CDPD Coverage, provided by AT&T.

I have had trouble with the Minstrel S Modem working indoors, deep inside buildings, and in elevators. I haven't had too much trouble in Major Airports, although you will always get better performance while up against a window, than you will in a lounge. Coverage is also good inside the plane as you are taxi-ing.

SubPoint - The Radio Frequency (RF) Issue

All the articles you read online say that Minstrel S will not work with the Visor Solo or Visor Deluxe. Many users were told they'd need to buy the Platinum or Prism Visor's. See this page for details. YadaYada, on the other hand, has many satisfied Visor Deluxe users who can be heard from en masse in the Discussion Forums. I had no problem installing the YadaYada software and Minstrel Modem on either of my Visors. It worked fine in my Visor Prism, with many apps in Color, and it worked fine in black and white on my PalmOS3.1 original Visor Deluxe. I didn't see a difference in performance or signal strength. Be warned though, your experience may vary. But, fortunately, YadaYada is a feasible wireless web solution for older Visor users. I spoke with the CTO at YadaYada and while he can't give details, he said that YadaYada worked closely with Novatel (the modem manufacturer) to deliver a solution that works for Visor-Deluxe users 99% of the time. It's great that Deluxe users now have a wireless option!

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Product Info
Name YadaYada Wireless Web
Company Yada Yada
Width: 2.6"
Length: 5.0"
Length (external to Visor): .73"
Thickness: .32"
Weight: 4 oz
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