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Slipper Prism

Mon Feb 19, 2001 - 8:48 AM EST - By Scott Hanselman


The backsideThere are cutouts in all the appropriate places - there's a hole where the Prism's built-in microphone is, and the IR port is available while still in the case.

The Slipper Prism also allows you to HotSync with the Visor Prism still in the case. This is the single most often left out feature on most cases. It was a great idea for them to leave it in. No one wants to continually take their Visor out of the case daily. You can even use the Stowaway Keyboard if need be! The Slipper Prism has a clever zipper closure on the back that allows complete access to the serial port. You can sync or recharge with a Travel Charger. The zipper is very small and of high quality and doesn't affect the snugness of the case.

SnazzyThe Slipper Prism case is the most form-fitting case I've used. We all wish our Prisms were a little lighter and a little thinner. The Slipper Prism is very light and very snug, it barely adds any size to the Visor. One of the added bonuses is that the flap that fits over the screen includes room for your credit cards and cash. This allows the Slipper Prism to double as your wallet, which is very slick. I've decided to turn in my wallet and use the Slipper Prism exclusively. Now, I've got one less thing to carry with me!

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Product Info
Name Slipper Prism
Company E&B Company
Size 5.0x3.2x1.2 in
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$39.95 (w/ clip)
$36.95 (w/o clip)

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